I Love Floral Cupcakes!

Assalamualaikum...Alhamdulillah...we meet again...these are the latest cupcakes from us(^_^)..I Love Floral Cupcakes!

Floral Cupcakes Deco!

Assalamualaikum...these floral decoration of cupcakes are made for Alin's order for her engagement day....she wanted to make them as a door gift for the guests...there are pink,red.orange,yellow,purple and blue colors of floral decoration...Well Alin..Have a nice day ya...Selamat Bertunang!! (^_^)

Engagement Cupcakes!

Hi & Salam...We meet again..Alhamdulillah...(^_^)..these cupcakes ordered by my sister's friend from Seremban. She wanted to give these cuppies for her friend's engagement on this coming Saturday...Well, Have a great moment and enjoy the cupcakes ya...Selamat Bertunang Azizi & Syira...(^_^)

She also ordered 2 pieces of ladybird cupcakes...owh..so cute!

Birthday Cuppies (^_^)

Salam and Hye!...these cupcakes ordered by Wisma Putra's Staffs in Putrajaya for one of their friend, Kak Ina...(^_^)..have a nice day & Happy Birthday K. Ina..long life....Insyaallah...(^_~)

Mechanic Tools!

Hye & Salam...in fact we got this order by Zati almost a month ago...She wanted cupcakes with anniversary theme with mechanic tools (actually we dont know what to draw...but simply draw anything relates to automotive hehe...hope u like it)....she also ordered fancy cookies from us (usually we dont publish pictures of cookies because there were so many cookies & tak larat nk upload)..(^_^)

Cupcakes for Holidays!

assalamualakum....these cupcakes ordered by Ezza Azilla & her sisters..they wanted to bring these cuppies going back to 'kampung' during the school holidays...(^_^)....well girls, have a nice holidays ya!

Happy Birthday Cake!

Fairy Tales cake with colourful floral decoration...(^_^)

Manchester United Vs Arsenal

These cupcakes ordered by one of my ex-schoolmate...Miss Nana Azman..(^_^) Manchester United Vs Arsenal football club.... she wanted to bring it to Penang...Well Nana, have a nice weekend ya!

Birthday Cakes!! Happy Birthday Emilyn!!! (^_^)

Assalamualaikum (^_^)..this time ordered by Kak Niza for her daughter's birthday...at the same time she also ordered a cake for her son. Snow White & Lightning MacQueen. (^_^)...HAPPY BIRTHDAY EMILYN!!!!....& also advance Happy Birthday to Ahmad Eimran...hehe!

Cuppies for Fikhri!! (^_^)

Hi and Salam..(^_^)...yesterday we baked and decorated cupcakes for Kak Sharifah's order...she is a friend of my sister. she wanted cupcakes for an occasion "Majlis Berkhatan" for his son FIKHRI, 10 years old boy....She wanted floral decoration and also jerseys...well, Fikhri...these cupcakes with jersey design were made specially for you...(^_^)...Have a nice day!!!

Birthday Cuppies!!!

Salam...hi!! we meet again...(^_^)...these cupcakes ordered by Dr. Arifiin for Dr. Nabila...he wanted to make a suprise for her 23rd birthday and was requested me to make such girly cupcake's designs....(^___^)...HAPPY 23rd BIRTHDAY DR. NABILA!!

Barbie's Cake Decoration!!

hi..this time, again ordered by kak sharifah for her daughter's birthday, Adiba...she requested a cake with barbie icing paper on top of the cake with floral and sweet decoration...(^_^)...Hopefully that they enkoyed the party!

Kiutt Cupcakes!! @)^_^(@

Assalamualaikum, alhamdulillah....we got ordered from Kak Sharifah a few days ago. She wanted cupcakes for her daughter's birthday. Well, she ordered 30 pieces of individual pack cupcakes as a door gift and 25 pieces of anime icing paper cupcakes ~Ben10~Barbie~Upin&Ipin~. We are really happy to hear that she really loves these cupcake's designs...(^_^)...

p/s: maaf,kualiti kamera kurang memuaskan...(^_^)

Atok & Wan's Cupcakes!

Salam..hello to all! Alhamdulillah, we meet again at twinshomebakery (^_^)...this time, again ordered by kak niza...she wanted to celebrate eimran & milyn's grandfather and grandmother's birthday during the Eidul Adha celebration at thier "kampung'...well, all the images are reflected to the daily routine of 'Atok & Wan'...(^_^)

Forever United!

Assalamualaikum...we meet again..Alhamdulillah..these cupcakes ordered by kak Fazz on last week for his fiancee...well...hopefully you like it! (^_^)

Anime World!

Salam and Hye! these cupcakes ordered by Kak Niza for her son and daughter...she wanted the images of ~spongebob~upin&ipin~Ben10~barbie~ on the cupcakes! The children were really like these cupcakes! (^_^)

Happy Belated Birthday!

Assalamualaikum...hello! this time ordered by She-la for her mummy and brother...Happy Birthday!...(^_^)..hopefully they will like these cupcakes!!

Doctor's cupcakes! (^_^)~

Assalamualaikum... Hye! these cupcakes are made with the theme of medical equipments..(^_^)...

Spiderman cupcakes again! (^_^)~

Assalamualaikum... Hye! these cupcakes are for Idza Hafsah order... our ex-classmate at SMK Darul Ehsan.. She requested spiderman cupcakes for her nephew's birthday... Happy birthday IRFAN!! (^_^)~

Size: M (2.5 oz)
Quantity: 16 pcs
Price: RM 40

Cupcakes bertunang (^_^)~

Asslamualaikum... hi! cupcakes pictures for today's entry are belongs to Kak Fazz for her engagement day.. Selamat bertunang Kak Fazz!! (^_^)~

Kak Suzi's Fancy Cookies!

Salam...Alhamdulillah,so far we have got so many order for fancy cookies (sorry because there were quite a number of fancy cookies ordered are not publish previously). this time ordered by Kak Suzi from Adni Islamic School for her students. Thanks Kak Suzi..(^_^)