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Floral Cupcakes Deco!

Floral cupcakes design again! 16 pieces!

16 pieces (small size) = RM 45

Cherry Cupcakes!

Assalamualaikum and hye! this is the latest update from Twins Home Bakery! this 25 pieces of cupcakes ordered by Kak Niza for her friends. Thank You!! (^_^)

Price - RM47.80 (25 pcs=RM45, 8 cherries=RM2.80)
cherry - add 35cents each

Spongebob Cupcakes!

Assalamualaikum and hye! this time ordered by kak noy for her nieces. the motive chosen for this 16 pieces cupcakes is the faces of a cartoon character, Spongebob!

Cupcakes Price

Cupcakes Price:

(A)Small Size (2.0 Oz Shuffle Cup)

***topping buttercream***
1)16 pieces - RM40
2)25 pieces - RM55
3)36 pieces - RM65

***topping chocolate ganache***
1)16 pieces - RM45
2)25 pieces - RM 60
3)36 pieces - RM 70

(B)Medium Size (2.5 Oz shuffle cup)

***topping buttercream***

1)16 pieces - RM50
2)25 pieces - RM65
3)36 pieces - RM 80

***topping chocolate ganache***
1)16 pieces - RM 55
2)25 pieces - RM 70
3)36 pieces - RM85

::However, the price is negotiable depends on the quantity ordered for each purchase.

Floral Cupcakes

Need cupcakes with floral decoration for any occasion? such as Open House in Aidilfitri or for wedding ceremony? Twins Home Bakery is eager to help you to serve your guests with beauty decoration of floral cupcakes! Available in different colors of roses depends on customer's request. Minimum of 16 pieces for each purchase. Available in two sizes of cups (Small or Medium). To make an order, please contact us via email.

Words from us

Assalamualaikum to all, Twins Home Bakery is a new brand home-made cupcakes and cookies which is entirely safe and halal. We are eager to serve you with the delicious tastes and beauty decorations of cupcakes and cookies. We are now ready for any order from our new customers. Contact us via email at