Butterflies on the grassland!

decorated butter cake! butterflies on the grassland.....(^_^) is it Spring? Cupcakes added to accompany the big cake! Let's eat! (finish at Kak Long's open house during syawal month..) (^_^)

door gift cupcakes!

Salam to all, today we baked and deco cupcakes for our sister's friends...hope they will like it..(^_^)

::add 15 cents for each individual pack

Pink Cupcakes!

Assalamualaikum..hye..we meet again..this time ordered by najwa from Universiti Malaya...she traveled from UM to the Terminal Putra just to pick up the cupcakes!...anyway Najwa...we are really happy to hear that you are really like it...thanks again ya! (^_^)

Price : RM45 (not included the delivery charge)
Size: Small

Liverpool cupcakes

Assalamualaikum.. Alhamdulillah... we meet again! hehe.. today's entry is on cupcakes ordered by my friend, Myra for her loved ones.. we were classmates in MRSM Mersing..::HRC guitars,jerseys, Y N W A (You'll Never Walk Alone)...and the most adventure part..the "Liverpool's logo"....

This is Myra and her loved ones, Hafiz... She was very very happy with our job.. thanks a lot Myra.. really happy to know that you like the cupcakes! enjoy eating! (^_^)~

Myra and Hafiz

Price: RM 60

Birthday Cupcakes!

Assalamualaikum and hye! here is the latest cupcakes ordered by Zaty for her brother's birthday, Afiq. She wanted 16 pieces of cupcakes (Medium Size) to celebrate Afiq's birthday. Thank you Zaty!

Price: RM 50

Fondant + buttercream cupcakes~

Assalamualaikum and hye! these two pictures below are chocolate cupcakes ordered by kak shima.. it is also a combination of buttercream and fondant icing decoration... (^_^)~

Purple+white floral deco cupcakes!

Assalamualaikum..and hye! these purple+white floral decoration of 16 pieces cupcakes is the combination of buttercream and fondant icing..enjoy the day! Insyaallah (^_^)

socks and cars fancy cookies (^_^)~

Assalamualaikum.. these are the latest fancy cookies decoration from Twins Home Bakery! For order or any enquiry, don't hesitate to email us at twinshomebakery@yahoo.com. TQ! (^_^)~

Spiderman cupcakes!

Assalamualaikum.. hi guys! this time ordered by Puan Ramziah for her son's birthday party, ADAM... she wanted us to decorate the cupcakes with a superhero character 'spiderman'... HAPPY BIRTHDAY ADAM!

Puan Ramziah also ordered fancy cookies for the birthday party. Have fun! (^_^)

Latest floral deco! (^_^)~

More fancy cookies! :)

Assalamualaikum everyone! Hi! These fancy cookies are specially made for my niece, Hannah for her school Aidilfitri celebration. She was really excited and jumping happily once she saw these cookies... She'd love the taste of our home-made fancy cookies very much! TQ dear Hannah and Thanks to our sis for ordering! (^_^)~

Flower fancy cookies

Lorries fancy cookies

Suitable for birthday party

also nice as a gift (^_^)~

RM 2.50 for each fancy cookie
Minumum order: 15 pcs

Fancy Cookies!

Assalamualaikum and hye! here are some of our fancy cookies product. there are various shapes and sizes of fancy cookies that can be order such as animals, teddy bear, vehicles and so on...contact us to make an order for your children's birthday party...(^_^)

Elmo & Cookie Monster!

Assalamualaikum. still in the mood of Hari Raya Celebration..our sister was just made an open house at her home in Wangsa Maju yesterday. So twins home bakery decided to make some cupcakes and brought to her home as a gift...(^_^)...the kids were really enjoy during the day and my little niece, Hannah seems like really love the taste of the elmo and cookie monster cupcakes!To make an order, contact us at 012-9322728. we are located at Selayang Baru and really near to Kuala Lumpur. minimum of 16 pieces for each purchase or order.

Simple and nice!

Salam to all, this time ordered by Shigella and she intended to give the cupcakes to her lecturers as a Hari Raye Gift! So,we simply put 4 pieces of cupcakes into each box to make them look much pretty and exclusive but still simple and look nice! (^_^) the cupcakes not only about the taste, but also the way we present it to a customer may helps to make others happy and we are willing to make our customers satisfy and happy with our product..insyaallah.