Atok & Wan's Cupcakes!

Salam..hello to all! Alhamdulillah, we meet again at twinshomebakery (^_^)...this time, again ordered by kak niza...she wanted to celebrate eimran & milyn's grandfather and grandmother's birthday during the Eidul Adha celebration at thier "kampung'...well, all the images are reflected to the daily routine of 'Atok & Wan'...(^_^)

Forever United!

Assalamualaikum...we meet again..Alhamdulillah..these cupcakes ordered by kak Fazz on last week for his fiancee...well...hopefully you like it! (^_^)

Anime World!

Salam and Hye! these cupcakes ordered by Kak Niza for her son and daughter...she wanted the images of ~spongebob~upin&ipin~Ben10~barbie~ on the cupcakes! The children were really like these cupcakes! (^_^)

Happy Belated Birthday!

Assalamualaikum...hello! this time ordered by She-la for her mummy and brother...Happy Birthday!...(^_^)..hopefully they will like these cupcakes!!

Doctor's cupcakes! (^_^)~

Assalamualaikum... Hye! these cupcakes are made with the theme of medical equipments..(^_^)...

Spiderman cupcakes again! (^_^)~

Assalamualaikum... Hye! these cupcakes are for Idza Hafsah order... our ex-classmate at SMK Darul Ehsan.. She requested spiderman cupcakes for her nephew's birthday... Happy birthday IRFAN!! (^_^)~

Size: M (2.5 oz)
Quantity: 16 pcs
Price: RM 40

Cupcakes bertunang (^_^)~

Asslamualaikum... hi! cupcakes pictures for today's entry are belongs to Kak Fazz for her engagement day.. Selamat bertunang Kak Fazz!! (^_^)~

Kak Suzi's Fancy Cookies!

Salam...Alhamdulillah,so far we have got so many order for fancy cookies (sorry because there were quite a number of fancy cookies ordered are not publish previously). this time ordered by Kak Suzi from Adni Islamic School for her students. Thanks Kak Suzi..(^_^)

Alin's Cupcakes & Fancy Cookies

Assalamualaikum...this time ordered by Alin, my ex-schoolmate at MJSC Mersing. She ordered 16 pieces cupcakes and 20 pieces fancy cookies....(^_^)...we are really happy to know that she really likes the cupcakes and cookies..Thanks ya Alin....

Size: M (2.5 OZ)

Quantity: 16 pcs

Price: RM 42

Happy birthday!

Assalamualaikum.. Hi! These cupcakes are specially made for Hanif's birthday (a son of my sister's friend). Happy birthday Hanif!!! (^_^)~

Quantity: 16 pcs
Size: S (2.0 oz)
Price: RM 35

Pink and blue floral cupcakes!

Quantity: 16 pcs
Size: S (2.0 oz)
Price: RM 45